the art and science of swimming

To me, swimming is a wonderful combination of art and science. When you watch an accomplished swimmer they perform with a grace that is pure artistry. To do so, they have mastered the medium of water. This mastery comes through an understanding of a few simple principles, an openness to experiment with new ways of doing things, and practice. Such style is well within the reach of ANY swimmer.

Everyone can make progress in their swimming:

  • Anyone who has the basics but would like to enjoy swimming more.
  • The parent whose children leave them behind on holiday.
  • The competitor who struggles to break through a particular barrier.
  • The adult who has always wanted to be that little bit better.
  • Perhaps you’re envious of those hunk(esse)s in the Olympics?
  • Maybe you’d love a job as a lifeguard, but struggle with the swim times?
  • Or could you be a triathlete whose cycle and run are their strong points?

Wherever you are starting from, I believe I can help you get there quicker, with less effort, and more enjoyment than most other ways of doing so.

As your private swimming coach, it is my job to help you progress towards this refined form. Give me a call, or send me a message, and let’s explore what you would like to achieve.

My latest articles

Here are my latest articles – check the “Tips and Hints” section for more.

  • Having the right ‘kit’ – a swimmer’s Christmas shopping list! I know this might seem silly, but I actually do think that the costume makes a big difference to your swimming. While there have been some amazing scientific advances in fabric and costume design in recent years (so much so that some have been banned for the ‘unfair’ advantage they give) my main interest is ...
  • The Beach Lifeguard fitness test In addition to holding a recognised RLSS National Beach Lifeguard Qualification, prospective beach lifeguards looking for a job with the RNLI are expected to meet some pretty demanding swimming and general fitness criteria. They are: 200m pool swim in under 3.5 minutes 400m pool swim in under 7.5 minutes 25m pool swim underwater and 25m surface swim consecutively in ...
  • How to swim faster Three different people have asked me how they can swim faster this week. So here’s the answer… 1 Practice your stroke to the point that it is almost effortless and as unvarying in style as possible 1a Base that almost effortless style on a long stroke 2 Maintain that style when increasing the stroke rate (that is ...
  • Swimming Goggles There are many different goggles on the market and they have grown in sophistication over the years. You can still buy those awful hard plastic ones with a rubber band as a fastener and foam o-rings around your eyes, but I can’t see why anyone would want to do so. Nowadays, you can get great ...
  • The core swimming schedule Many swimmers say that they struggle to know what to do when training on their own. Some years ago, I developed a ‘core swimming schedule’ which has ten stages to it. The athlete begins at stage one and does a session following the schedule. If they complete it with ease, then they ...